John conway is awesomeI really had fun making up the fake movie titles of this one. Also, drawing that bridge was a nostalgia – inducing experience for me. As a young kid, I played a game (I googled the name, it’s called “pontifex 2” or “bridge construction set”) in which you built bridges. I beat the game, and then just spent the rest of the time making it so the train going across the bridge fell, hitting the “SS Niagra” (The boat that travels under the bridge) and knocking the boat off course, which hopefully resulted in the boat sailing straight into one (or both) of the bridge pylons, causing the entire thing to fall to pieces. The demo is here.

Note – You need the full game to try this. It’s worth the 20$



5 Bonus points if you actually downloaded the demo to try this.


15 Bonus points if you did that and got the boat to ram the bridge by getting hit by the train.


50 More Bonus points if you did all that and knocked down BOTH bridge pylons. Good job. I only got that to happen once.


Lose 1000 Bonus Points if you knocked down three or more bridge pylons, as you are clearly lying because the bridge on the level only has two places to build them.