That last quote from Kat is one of my favorites I’ve written so far. Please don’t make a big deal of the hand – holding.*

By the way, this is the last page in chapter 3. I’m introducing 8 of the other 11 main characters next week. Also, as of now, you can click on the comic for a full – size image.

Anyway, as you guys know, I’m a fairly big fan of Brian Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim series, in which the heroine (who has blue – green hair) and carries a handbag is a delivery person, and gets around on rollerblades. So, I was downtown, riding a streetcar, when I saw a girl, with blue – green hair, carrying a handbag, ON ROLLERBLADES. Cut to me making a ton of Scott Pilgrim references under my breath. (Also, later in the story, the hero is being chased by a guy with a sword, who chops his way through a streetcar during the chase. For the entire ride on the streetcar, I was expecting some sunglasses – wearing, katana – wielding black – haired asian man to cut the streetcar plain in half, but, sadly, that didn’t happen.)