Violet is badass.

This is the first fight scene (of many) in the comic. I spent a bunch of time using the blur tool, and I feel that it turned out rather well. The city in the background is Phnom Penh, the capital of cambodia, and the buildings in the background really exist. (Just so you know, there is a bar under the title for the locations and the charicters appearing in the page.) If I am correct, this is the only page, other than the first one, not to have Theo in it.


In more personal news, I fear that I may have a double. There’s a freshman at my school that looks eerily similar to me, and it’s kinda weird. Also, I’m going as Ian from TWIYEH (My personal favorite webcomic) for my book club’s costume party. Here is a picture. (Note: some parts are obscured due to spoilers.)