This is the first use (of many) of magic in the comic. I’ll try to keep the physics and science as real as I can, so bear with me. Don’t worry, we don’t get into Relativity for about 30 pages, and then you’ve got about 8 chapters until quantum theory and the 4th dimension. Oh, and this allows me a good segue into my next topic: The pixel art in the middle of the model on the table: that (zoom in) is a 4th dimensional cube, along with the symbol of the three kinds of fighting: Melee (red), Ranged (yellow), and Magic (blue). The pages have a lot of hidden pixel art in them like that on some of the pages. Also, important note: some people have asked why Theo is called “Theo”. His last name, Noordegraaf, is German (I think), and Theodore was the first name that could be both German and English. I thought of other names, but In my head I always referred to him as “Theo”, so I thought: “why bother changing it? It fits.” Also, I tried changing Akila’s name to “Petra”, but, again, she was always Akila in my head.