Akila has some serious talent.

In keeping with the overall Celtic theme of this comic, Happy winter solstice everyone! A bit of explanation of the title: The statue in panel 1 (and 3) is a large, derpy looking version of a bezerker chess piece used in old viking chess sets. He’s biting his shield, because, supposedly, the bezerkers worked themselves into a sort of unstoppable rage, (kinda like Violet) and they’re so angry they’re chewing on their shields. The text under the statue spells “Bezerker” in germanic runes. Of course, it SHOULD say something different, as they didn’t use the same words as we do, but it’s good enough for me. Also, in the unlikely event this comic ever gets made into a movie, I would like to formally apologize to whoever plays Akila, as they will have to spend around 2 hours each day getting painted green. I tried to avoid the fantasy cliche of giving the guys full armor, while the girls go around in underwear, but as Akila is a Nereid, and Nereids prefer not to wear clothes, I feel like it would be OK in this situation.

I saw the new Star Wars movie on Wednesday.  It was good, I enjoyed it. I’m not saying anything else in order to not spoil anything, and to invoke the fury of as few Star Wars purists as I can.

Oh, and the text for the chapter title says “Reality is unrealistic”, which is true in both Theo’s case and ours.


Here’s the first picture of Akila I ever drew, just for reference. (the original is the one to the right.)

Not nearly as hot, IMO.