I guess Voctavian is a thing now. Let the 'shipping COMMENCE!

(Click here for an animated version.)

So I guess I’m doing animated comics now.  Guess that’s another thing I’ve got to keep up. I’m working on making the character pages updated, along with the case file database, just so you know.

Just a note: If the Treeborn (That’s what I’m calling the group) started fighting based on gender, the girls would win. No question. Violet is easily the best fighter of them, with Kat coming in second, likely with andromeda third. (Really, the only way the boys would win was is andromeda was on their team. Magic is just that powerful. Whoever has magic, wins. Unfortunatly, magic is VERY rare, more on that later.) I decided to give Akila striped eyes because my picture of a nereid queen had them, and since Akila’s a nereid, that made sense, and it looked cool. My guess if this comic gets more popular, Akila’s going to be one of those charicters that you either like or despise. (Of course, I like her. I like pretty much all my charicters. Even the villains.)  She can be really nice and kind when she feels like it, (see panel 1) but other times she can come across as a bit of a [EXPLETIVE].  Let me explain: She’s a shallow saltwater nereid. They hate humans, since we’ve taken over and polluted their bays and estuaries, and WILL KILL ANY HUMAN ON SIGHT. Akila, obviously, doesn’t do this, as she keeps those tempations under control,(Nereids are known to have high degrees of willpower), but sometimes that animosity towards humans shows up in other ways, like being really snarky or viciously “protecting” Katrina, who’s basically the only person human she really trusts. (What I mean by “protecting” will be explained next week, in – comic.) Another weird Akila thing: She’s known to turn heads, if you know what I mean,(Layman’s terms: Lots of people find her attractive), but it’s considered disgraceful to date outside your species, however, normally this doesn’t stop humans from dating around. Akila is an exception: Nereids are basically presumed to be myth, or at least long – extinct, so most people just think Akila’s a female version of The Creature From the Black Lagoon. (Now that I think if it, she does kinda look like him it. I should make a fake movie poster with Akila in his its place.) This makes people see her as a freak, and stops anyone from dating her. Also, if Akila DID date a human, the other Nereids would inevitably find out, (Nereid queens can remotely mind – read their “subjects” from anywhere in the world), and Akila would be likely expelled from the clan and other nereids would be instructed to kill her (and her lover) on sight. (The worst crime a human can do, in the eyes of nereids, is… attempt to reproduce with a nereid. That is a one way trip to being eaten alive over a matter of weeks by fire coral. Not a good way to go. So yeah, Akila’s attractive, but that’s all she has going for her, and it won’t do her much good. This “Note” has gone on much longer than I initally expected. Oh well, at least I explained some lore. (If you want EVEN MORE LORE on nereids, I’ve got a page just for that.)













































































































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