Ok, fanfiction writers, RUN WILD.

I kinda wish this would come out next week, given how it’s valentine’s day and all, but that’s just how the metaphorical cookie crumbles. Also, this is the first comic with a complete front view of Theo’s hair. (Panel 2, for those of you who couldn’t tell.) Also, a couple notes on Theo’s robe: It has a hood, it just looks like a popped collar when on his back. (you can see the hood on page 4-9) That symbol on his chest is sewn into the robe, like a patch. (it originally was a pin, but a patch seemed to fit better.) Also, speaking of things that are sewn onto other things, Akila’s “necklace” would work. It’s more like a gem inset on her throat. It originally was made to allow her to breathe on land, but I decided to make it more realistic by giving her gills. “But she doesn’t have gills!” you say. She does, you just can’t see them – they’re microscopic.  Akila (as with all Nereids) has no hair – her “hair” is actually cartilage (which is how it stays spiky), and she has thousands of microscopic pores all over her body, allowing her to diffuse water from air. As long as the inside of these pores stay moist, she can breathe. (She can go about 8 – 10 hours before needing to take a bath.)  The neck charm is mainly there because it looks good. Akila is extremely protective of Kat: It’s like your crush’s father saying you can’t date his daughter – Akila is the self – appointed guardian of Katrina. Also, Theo’s experiencing that feeling you get when you realize you really, really like this girl, but for some reason (She’s taken, an incomparable sexual orientation, etc) it’s impossible for you to end up with her. It’s not a good feeling. Also, hope you guys like love triangles. This Akila – Theo – Kat relationship isn’t going to get any simpler – It’s only going to get worse.