Note the sword in the kitchen. It'll direct you to why I might get sued on 2 - 4.

We (I) were too cheap to buy actual rights to games, so I made horrible knockoffs of real ones.

Also, Next week’s post will be comic #30! (:D)

Also, I noticed a mistake in one of the comics in chapter 2, and I’ll need to change it if I ever sell this to avoid getting sued.


Ok… Stuff that happened in my life…

Eh, I guess I’ll post some more concept art. Heck with it.
















Random Alien Girl       Random Fish Monster             SCP Special Ops Guy



















The Lunar Chronicles Charicters, from left to right: CInder, Iko, Kai, Thorne, Scarlet, Wolf, Cress, Jacin and Winter.


Also, happy 100th birthday Finland! Kiitos lukemisesta!