Brian Lee O'Malley, please don't sue me.

Violet is kind of intended to (kind of) creep you out. Her arms are a bit too long and thin for a normal human, and she’s unhealthily thin.  It’s called the uncanny valley effect, which is when something is Nearly human – looking, but unfamiliar, it creeps us out.  This is why clowns and zombies are creepy to most people. (Her mask also fits – it’s kinda like a face – but not.) Of course, this factor isn’t necessarily helped that Violet isn’t the most… mentally stable …person in the comic (she’s about 70% sane, 30% insane), and she flies into a violent rage anytime she gets sufficiently hurt. Also, in panel 9, that is how you cock a modern crossbow. They have a little “handle” thing that you step into to pull the string back.

If people were wondering why Kat doesn’t use a gun, the main reason is stealth. As she is only an 18 – year old girl, she mainly relies on stealth, as it would be unlikely she could fight off multiple people (who are likely stronger than she is), even if she has steel – toed – boots.  Even with a silencer, guns can still tip off your location, while crossbows are pretty much silent. Also, if she needed to, well, kill somebody, she could poison the bolt. Yes, I KNOW poisoned weapons are a little cheap, (especially with the honor code Katrina has), but she’ll use them if she has to. Just don’t ask about the explosive bolts.

Also, as this is a new year, I made a new year’s resolution: No schedule slips. Of course, I haven’t HAD one yet, but there’s no reason not to try. Not much else happened in my personal life, other than to say I got Theo’s green T-shirt with the squid pirate on it. Also, one of my ALL – TIME favorite games, Subnautica, is getting released on the 23rd. I’m not saying go buy it, but check it out. In a nutshell, it’s you try and survive on a planet that is entirely ocean. I’ve always like the ocean, so that’s a plus for me.  And of course, I do fan-art for that too. Here’s Akila, as a warper, one of the enimies in the game.

She will purify your body.

Also, apparently, I have a fan from Ireland! Whoever this is, I’d like to know how you found this. Just curious.