Why fly when you can take a bus? (Happy 10th HM!)

I’ve been thinking of starting a sort of “sketchbook sampler” thing each week, (likely on Saturdays) but the problem is, I don’t really have many sketches to post without spoiling the story. I’ll TRY to find something to post, but don’t count on it. In other news, I’ve started to work on more pages, AND a spin – off story (or two.) Unfortunately, they involve characters you haven’t met yet, so you might not see them for a while. (By “a while”, I mean possibly YEARS. This current story (the one you are reading right now) will have somewhere around 24 chapters, and said chapters will get increasingly longer. For example, chapter 3 has three pages of writing dedicated to its script, but chapter 5 has – let me check – 19 – and I’m still writing it.) I’m probably going to get a wiki up to go with the absolute TRUCKLOADS of lore I’m writing, so that’ll be up soon.