Note the shadow figures in panel #2.

She's still kinda cute.

Out of all the girls in the group, Violet is the bad one.* That glowing eye is a PAIN to draw, and I doubt I’ll ever get it as good as the one from last week. In other news, next week has our first proper fight scene, so be on the lookout for that! (Note: I’m not very good at drawing fight scenes. If there is a dip in quality, that is why.)

I made this little LEGO model of Akila (see left) in the style of Mike Dung’s Anime Girl model. Mine’s not NEARLY as good as his, but A: I built this in two / three hours, and small, lime green pieces are kinda hard to find in our house. The “A” on her breastplate is made of tiles laid into grooves in the model, and they have a habit of falling out.

Oh, and that last panel? It’s a direct reference to this. (Predictably.)


*Akila is the cute one.