Ouch indeed. That hurts no matter your gender, I'm told.


Woo! Animated panels! WOOOHOOO!!! I’m not sure if this will become a regular thing, but I hope so. It’s a smaller file, so the quality won’t be as good. If you want to view a non – animated, higher quality version , go here.

As you might have figured out, Violet and Kat don’t get along very well. They’re both jealous of each other, violet envying Kat’s good looks and her (assumed) easy past. Kat’s jealous of Vi being able to stay in a lasting relationship, (Vi and Octavian are a very close couple), and Violet’s fighting skill. Kat tries to pretend she’s not jealous, but Vi… Just don’t mention it to Violet. She’s got a hair – trigger temper, mainly if you call her “paranoid”, say ANYTHING about the way she looks (even complements, she might take it as sarcasm), saying she’s not smart, (she’s the smartest of the group) and, above all, asking about her past. If you do that, that’s a one way trip onto the end of her sword. On Kat’s relationships: (to quote Kieran Thompson (author of TWIYEH)), she’s “the sort of teenager that flits from boyfriend to boyfriend like a hummingbird between flowers.” It fits pretty well.


Violet’s “… I hate you.” quote is another reference to Scott Pilgrim, except this one was actually unintentional. (Blame my subconscious):

Good ol' Envy Adams.









Also, some pixel art done in the style of the music video for Gunship’s Revel in Your Time: Good song, better video. They also have a claymation music video as well.

And now you know what Violet's face looks like. Kinda sorta. (She's got an artificial eye, if that wasn't clear by the light)











Also, this week’s comic is dedicated to Ursula K. Le Guin, famed fantasy and sci – fi author, best known for the A wizard of earthsea books, who died monday at age 88, at her home in Portland, Oregon.. To Mrs Le Guin, If you somehow are reading this: You basically invented the modern fantasy genre, and this comic wouldn’t be able to exist without you. Thank you.